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Yay Swag!

in: Event Planning Advice

When attendees score your swag, you want them to hold onto it – you want it to make them say, “Yay!” And there is some really cool new swag showing up on the scene. Let’s take a look at some to-be-logo-ed items for your next show.

Bottle It: Water bottles are still hot! Well, and cold, depending upon the temperature of your beverage. They come in many styles, colors and sizes, so you can definitely find one that speaks to your brand. Consider them as a great giveaway for visitors to your office, booth or meeting. Some styles to consider can be found here. Set yourself apart by also including a package of these amazing, and yes they do work, bottle cleaning tablets.

Suck It: Through a straw that is! Portable and reusable straws are the latest buy-once-use-many-times ways to help to avoid yet another item that just get tossed away in to landfills.

Speak It: Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of styles and prices, there are certainly some fine finds in the $10 – $30 range. Since we tend to carry devices around in every room of the house, there is no reason to not ensure we also have a have speaker stationed in each room.

Cover It: Is somebody watching? With security and safety of high concern, this swag will be quite appreciated. Give a pack of webcam covers for their devices.

Block It: Serving a few purposes, a cell phone blocking bag helps to ensure a phone will not get hacked, privacy will be protected and it also allows for distraction free driving when the phone is safely tucked away.

Find It: Rare is the person that never loses track of keys, phone, wallet and other essentials. Your attendees will love tile tracking devices for those oft lost, yet incredibly important, items.

Charge It: Because we can never have enough charging cubes, power banks and cables, these are always kept on hand. Such items also require an organizer. All can include your logo!

Mint It: Not only will this company put your logo on the box, but they can mold the mints to match your brand! What a breath of fresh, well, breath!

Sock It: Also check out these socks, woven from scratch with your colors (up to 6 colors) and unique brand.

That’s It: For now, see you next blog 🙂



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