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My Acceptance Speech

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When those Hollywood celebrities and other stars of the stage accept their awards, they have most likely made a list of the people they want to thank. No one succeeds without support. There are valuable people in our worlds that deserve thanks, especially this time of year, when #thanks, #thanking, #thankful and #thanksgiving start to trend.

And I transport you away to the Meeting Planner Awards, or MPAs as it’s known in the industry. The who’s who of the meeting world is in attendance and the awards are in full swing.

“And the winner of most thankful Site Selection Manager is . . . . . Jill Stone!”

(Note that as I make my way to the stage you are complimenting me like crazy on my great sense of style and those shoes! Wow!)

I take my award (which is shaped like an extremely large glass of wine) and say,

“Why thank you, thank you so much! This award would not be possible without all the amazing people in my life. I wish to first thank my grandkids, they’re the best! And therefore, I thank my kids, for supplying me with grandkids. And my husband for helping me to make the kids that would one day make all my amazing grandkids.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the great support of my remarkable clients; who I work to represent well in all that I do. These clients are meeting planners. And boy oh boy am I thankful for meeting planners. They have one of the toughest jobs on the planet. These are the folks that can simultaneously find a last-minute swing band that includes a dancing llama, while putting together a budget report for their organization’s Board of Directors and ensuring that all guest rooms for their next conference include a chocolate fountain complete with locally sourced fruit.

While I’m at it, thank you for puppies . . . and kittens, yes, I am both a dog-person and cat-person rolled into one.

And finally, to you, my loyal blog readers, without you this blog would be spinning about in some unknown area of the internet, thank you for finding it, reading it, enjoying it and (the music starts playing, I guess that’s my cue to get back to my seat).

. . . Thank you, thank you all!”

(By the way, I am wearing Prada, my shoes are by Christian Louboutin and the purse is a one of kind Burberry).

Happy Thanksgiving! #eatturkey


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