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Myth Time Is Up

in: Site Selection

I have been debunking meeting myths over the past couple of months. This series of blogs all started with a podcast.

The host of the show is Mich Hancock, I’ve known Mich for many years; we met when she was in the meeting planning business. She is now the CEO of 100th Monkey, a social media marketing business.

As a successful business person, she has an interest in other successful business people; in particular, she wants to know about their “100th Monkey Moment,” that instance of time when the person realized that they were on the road to success. It’s the subject of a new podcast project she is looking to launch, called 100th Monkey Business. And lucky me, I got to be her first guest!

Before we sat down to talk, Mich asked me if the industry had finally put to the rest the many myths around what I do, she was so surprised to learn that they were still churning about out there. Please check out the video or listen to the podcast.

You will also learn about my “100th Monkey Moment,” actually Moments, I couldn’t have only one, instead I have four! I knew I had found my business home when:

  • I got my first client after only a few months! This is what I needed to keep going early on.
  • By the end of my first year, I could see all the business getting ready to land and knew I had exactly what I needed to make a go of this site selection world.
  • After that first year, my husband purchased a car for me (because yes, we could afford it!).
  • Finally, as I continued to do what I do, I found such joy in knowing how much value I was bringing to my clients. This is what keeps me going day in and day out, knowing the difference I make.

I love what I do for meeting planners. I love that I know, without a doubt, the value and support I bring by saving them time, money, headaches and heartaches.


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