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Solutions for Resolutions

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If you’ve made your resolutions for the year, you are more than likely still all in at this point of the year. But a month from now, those resolutions may be forgotten, only to be revisited again next January. Rather than let this occur, let’s talk about some solutions for your resolutions.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew: You’ve decided to work out 7 days a week, lose 50 pounds, go vegetarian and commit to curing cancer. All great and fabulous ideas, but maybe a bit more than is possible to accomplish. Instead, create smaller, more manageable goals that are within actual reach.

Revisit Your Resolutions: Make a regular date with your resolutions, actually include this date on your calendar. Once per month, look them over, track your progress and readjust if need be.

Go Positive: Losing 10 pounds can feel do-able until you actually try to do so. Let’s say that you lost 3 pounds, not 10, in the amount of time you gave yourself. That’s awesome! Be excited, pat yourself on the back, celebrate it. Be positive on the 3 pounds you lost, not negative on the 7 pounds you did not.

Partner Up: Enlist the help of an accountability partner, and commit to regular checkins. This person should be supportive and willing to chat with you on those occasions that you feel like giving up.

Do Not Announce Resolutions on Social: This may backfire on you. Announcing to the world that you are going to quit something or start something can come back to haunt you. Do what you set out to do, your actions and outcomes will speak for you.

Journal: I know this has been a mainstay suggestion for as long as we can remember, but if you have yet to enlist this tried and true method, perhaps this is the year to do so. You are not writing for anyone but yourself, so don’t worry about grammar and spelling. Journaling is powerful; it is much healthier to write down fears, anger and sadness then to allow them to fester inside. At the same time, it’s just as powerful to write down what you are grateful for, keep what you are grateful for top of mind.

Include One Very Doable Resolution: Perhaps it is to end each evening with a cup of healing tea, or to spend 5 minutes stretching before getting out of bed in the morning, or to learn the lyrics of your favorite songs. Make at least one a very doable resolution, you’ll have a win for sure!

Happy New Year, Meeting Planners! May you make and keep your resolutions for 2018!

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