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My-Oh-Mayo Facts You May Not Know

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Cinco de Mayo 24Cinco de Mayo (that is the 5th of May to you and I) will be celebrated next week. Break out the sombreros and shake up some margaritas and learn some facts about this May Day.

May 5, 1862: This is the day that the Battle of Puebla took place. It’s significance lies in the fact that a smaller and less equipped Mexican army overtook the larger and better-equipped French army.

It is NOT an Independence Day: The Mexican Independence Day occurred on September 16, 50 years before the Battle of Puebla.

Super Guacamole Bowl: Americans will consume of 81 million avocados on this day!

The US Celebrates Big Time:  The good ole USA holds the largest celebration, which takes place in Los Angeles.  Over 3,000,000 people will be there to celebrate what is known as the Festival de Fiesta Broadway.

Margarita-ville: The margaritas will flow on this day! Though no one can say for sure, and I will not speculate as to why, but the inventor of the margarita is a mystery. Check out this page for the possibilities.

33.6 million: Is the number of US residents who come from Mexican heritage, according to the United States Census.

Playlist: If you are looking for the perfect playlist for your day, check out this page. You may even want to add in some songs that are named Cinco de Mayo. Check out these offerings from War, Liz Phair and Senses Fail.

Have Chihuaha, Will Race: Then head off to Chandler, Arizona for the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival and Chihuahua Races!

Comida Muy Buena: If you are looking to make yummy food for your companeros, check out Tabasco’s recipes. Or throw your own fiesta with these fun ideas!

Spanish Class: If you need to brush up on your Espanol, check out the courses at DuoLingo.

What I want to know now is who is going to buy me a Margarita?  Send me an invite!



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